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  1. Engine
    My chevy 350 surges at weird times. Ill drive to work and it goes 65+ mph no problem but the drive back, it sputters like its out of gas and wont go faster than 35mph. Sometimes it wont even go past 25. If i hold the gas pedal down it sounds boggy and when i release it fast, it backfires. Ive...
  2. Electrical
    So my 74 chevy wont start. i ran out of gas and when i put more gas in with a jerry can, i went to start it and the starter churned over a couple of very slow times and smoke came up from the starter and the battery. Now it wont start. Ive had this happen before with an old starter and i just...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    ok guys heres the deal, ive got an 85 gmc 4x4 with a 350 bolted up to a ch465. while out driving around it started sputtering and died as if out of gas when I got in the pedal rpms dropped even more until it died and wouldn't start again. Ive checked fuel supply and made sure the carb is getting...
1-3 of 3 Results