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  1. 351W Header Question

    I'm still trying to determine what headers will fit my application. 351W in a '67 Fairlane coupe. No power steering and a T-5 tranny with a Z-bar. I'm going to run a set of ProMaxx heads per the attached photo. They have angled plugs. So far I've received some good suggestions on what...
  2. 351W Oil Pan

    I'm building a '94 351W that's going into a '67 Fairlane coupe. The '94 oil pan (rear sump) isn't going to go by the cross member. I think I'm going to need a front sump pan for this. If someone out there has a 351W in a '66/'67 Fairlane I'd appreciate hearing from you on what oil pan you...
  3. Finishing My Classic Car Cobra

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I started building my Cobra back in the 1990's got distracted, moved from Illinois and built my home in the mountains in Southern Colorado, Just finished my outbuilding and I am now ready to finish my Cobra. The Cobra has a rebuilt 351W -- never turned over. And a T10 transmission and a...
  4. 351 W Intake Choice

    I'm building a 351W to make 325-350 hp. It's going in a '67 Fairlane and will see street use only. It will be mated to a T-5 and 3:50 gears. I'm looking at the Edelbrock Performer and the Weiand Stealth intake manifolds. Any preferences out there? Why? Thanks
  5. 351W in a 56 ford vic

    Hotrodding Basics
    351W in a 56 ford vic. Any advice??
  6. Honda radiator for 351w

    General Rodding Tech
    Can I use a 2 or 3 row aluminum performance honda radiator to keep my 351w cool. It's a stock engine without ac. The problem is space restrictions with this international know I am building. It's just a real bummer I can't use a normal radiator if I do that I have to chop the fenders and hood...
  7. 276K Miles on a 1993 351W. What next?

    Hi guys, I am creating this post in hopes of getting some solid advice. So here's the deal … I have a 1993 Bronco with a 351W & a E4OD and we're at 276K miles. Recently the passenger side exhaust manifold cracked in half. Needless to say this created a huge exhaust leak and the heat burned up...
  8. Mr. Wolffe

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys, Introducing myself because I'll probably need some help along the journey I'm thinking about taking soon. I don't actually own a hotrod or streetrod (however there will be one in my garage eventually) but I own a '93 Bronco w/ a 351W I am considering pulling and rebuilding myself...
  9. 351W SBF rookie build

    Hi everyone, After several years of having the project stopped due to several problems I picked up the '71 mustang project... I'm now rebuilding the 351w sbf and have a couple of questions, hopefully some of you can chime in... My dad purchased some parts several years ago, since he passed...