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  1. updated! what are your guess on hp?

    Hotrodding Basics
    block is a 1969 010 350/355 .30 over summit brand pistons( Hypereutectic Pistons SUM-17350-30) stock but new 350 crank. cloyes timing chain SUM-G2600 summit gasket kit comp cam 280h Duration 280/280, Lift .480/.480 lobe 110 vortec heads 12558062 (#062) specs unknown but they are stock...
  2. My engine after build

    My engine after build

  3. Race track engine

    Race track engine

    Before disassembly
  4. Race Track engine

    Race Track engine

    Before disassembly
  5. how can i get more out of my sbc 350(355)

    I currently have a 1969 010 block 350 2 bolt main, I have had it bored .30, standard pistons, custom delta cam ( not sure of specs ill check) stock sbc crank, eldbrock rpm air gap intake manifold, holly 650 street avenger carb, stock ignition, holly red fuel pump, vortec heads casting # 062...
  6. 355 build with weiand 142 help

    Looking for some help on what heads to run with my new build. :confused: Was running a stock L98 350 with aluminum 113 chevy heads and small cam (no specs) with weiand 142 blower, msd locked out distributor at 32* advanced with 6btm ignition box. This will be goin back in my 89 c1500 (single...
  7. 355 new top end????

    Please help me with advice for my new top end. I would like to go roller and with the summit vortec heads. With the air gap intake. But summit has a kit that suppose to make 375-400 torque SME-K-375-400 is this the better option? This is my daily i have nothing else. Please help. I would like to...
  8. Need ya'lls opinions on SBC heads

    Hello fellow hot rodders, I built a .030 over 350 flat top motor instead of the 327 for my '68 Impala. The motor hasn't been decked or anything just the overbore. I put my "186" camel hump heads on it that have been cut 0.010, previous owner ported to the max, on the runners anyway, 2.02/1.60...
  9. Cam for SBC 355

    Hello everyone, I need some help with cam selection for 1975 SBC 355, stock heads (ported and polished), Edelbrock 2701 Performer EPS intake, Edelbrock Thunder Series AVS 650 carb with vacuum secondaries, block hugger shorty headers (unknown brand), 8.5 to 1 compression ratio (as per previous...
  10. new build feels under powered

    hey guys just got my nova road worthy however im not too happy about it while driving it for the first real drive i feel it is massively under powered for what it is...which is... sbc 355 all forged rotating assembly 9:1 cr stock gm heads cam is .488 lift summit high rise single plane intake...
  11. yes another hp estimate thread - sbc 355 engine specs inside

    Hotrodding Basics
    not that its super important to me but i was wondering what u guys think my engine might put down without the turbos. its nothing special by any means but my guess is going to be in the 280-300hp range. but figured it wouldnt hurt to see what others think engine specs 4 bolt main 350 block...
  12. solid roller 355 CID

    solid roller 355 CID

    like every one else I have had problems with the 355, like burning wires and throwing belts, the two yellow wires and that fugly bracket is a testimate to that...
  13. the 355

    the 355

    This is the current engine, i got 1 pic of it before the batteries went dead in the camera. Its really dirty, and most of the wires you see will be gone later, ill get batteries for more pics.