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383 stroker

  1. 83' El Camino 383 Stroker Motor A/C

    General Rodding Tech
    Hey, name's Anthony. I recently bought an 83' el camino with a 383 stroker motor in it. Has a small cam and i believe hydraulic pistons. My uncle is getting it running for me. Engine was running but no exhaust. Put the exhaust on and rewired the whole engine, deleted the computer (it got wet) &...
  2. picking cylinder heads

    Hey everyone, I will be putting together my 383 sbc soon and need advice for cylinder head selection. Here is my build: 010 4 bolt main block bored .30 over, 0 decked Keith Black flat top -7cc hypertechnic pistons and forged 6 inch rods Forged Callies crankshaft, balanced and blueprinted by...
  3. Need advice with 383 biuld

    I've recently acquired a 1984 Camaro with a 350 (Not the original 305) and a t-5 transmission. I have not disassembled the engine yet, nor do I have the casting numbers, yet. I believe it is a 4 bolt main and originated from a mid 70's truck. I have built multiple engines before, but never a...
  4. 383 Build

    Hi all. I have been following this forum a couple of years. Lots of great info. Also on this subject but I would still have a go on this specific build. I’m about to build a new engine for my Chevy 56 It´s a cruiser, even towing a camper now and then. But not too shy to do a little strip racing...
  5. Chevy 350-383 Stroker build questions.

    Is 10.5 compression ratio going to be to much? Vortex heads, 111 lobe, big cam (haven't decided which one), flat tops, on 91 EFI in Az. Thanks for your help. I'm sure I missed some specs, so let me know.
  6. New 383 Chev build not making the numbers!?

    Ok guys, I didn't build this engine I've inherited it with a new car that I bought. The problem is that the engine just isn't making the numbers, I've had the motor dyno tuned and I'm underwhelmed with the performance (180hp with 260 torque) to the rear. for a 383 Chev that's on the low side...
  7. 383 build thoughts

    I am currently in the process of building a chevy 383 and I wanted to post the build sheet and get some comments/thoughts/ideas. this is my first engine that I have built from the bottom up. My Goal for engine? ...make alot of HP. engine if for mostly track, with a little short rides on street...
  8. Can someone estimate my hp and tourque?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I am in the process of building 383 stroker I can give some general specs can someone estimate my horsepower and torque ? 400sbc scat crank , 6.0 cast rods , speed pro 11/1 flat top pistons 200cc aluminum heads by procomp air gap competition aluminum intake by procomp full hyd roller cam .562...
  9. 383sbc HP and ideas

    I found out that I have a 383 in my 79 Camaro. I was wondering what type of horse power I would be making and if I switched from 76cc to 64cc heads would do. The engine is a 1970s 350 bored 30 over with flat toped pistons. Forged rods and a 400 crank with a push on harmonic balancer. It has a...
  10. BBC tbi on SBC ?

    I just built a 383 stroker. It's now in an '88 Chevy Blazer 4x4. It had a stock 350. I bought a tbi from a friend. The ports are bigger on the new tbi then the stock one. I need to bolt it to the stock intake. I have a tbi spacer with the stock tbi port size. Is there an adapter that will funnel...
  11. 383 stroker rear engine seal leak.

    looking at buying a 78 camaro with a 383 stroker crate motor in it. car is in great shape but the rear engine seal is apparently leaking and needs to be fixed. could this be anything else and is this a big risk purchasing the car. i know that just fixing the seal is an easy fix but could it be...
  12. 350 to 383 stroker.

    I have a 400 that I rebuilt a few years back. Unfortunately I gave the engine to my brother to put in his truck. He was supposed to put it in his truck but left the engine in the back of his truck and it kracked the block. I was wondering how I would have to modify the crankshaft to fit in the...