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  1. Safe Redline For a Forged Bottom End 383.

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey guys, so my question is. What would be a safe redline for the following pile of parts; Stock 96' 4bolt main 350 block, fully forged scat bottom end (3.750 H beam rods, forged pistons, forged crank ARP rod bolts), comp cams xfi 286 hydraulic roller cam, AFR 195cc heads (65cc combustion...
  2. 383 stroker acts like fuel starvation at WOT

    Hi, I have a fairly new build carbureted 383 stroker that's pushing close to 600 hp on 93 octane, .that is starting to flutter/sputter at WOT and will actually shut down due to lack of fuel and I have to wait until the pump pressurizes and I pump the throttle and then starts right back up. does...
  3. Blower motor in z28

    Hotrodding Basics
    I currently have a 79 z28 Camaro that I have been drag racing a few years, now. It currently has a decent 355 in it right now. I am wanting to slowly build my dream blower motor and drop it in the Z when it is finished. My dream motor since I was young was to have a blower sticking out of the...
  4. Scorpion Rockers on Dart Iron Eagle Heads

    Scorpion Rockers on Dart Iron Eagle Heads

    Top view of my 383 during assembly.
  5. -86 El Camino build thread, new engine and bodywork

    Projects/Builds/My Ride
    Hello, wanted to try out a small build thread to keep me motivated working on my car. The car in question is an -86 El Camino SS that I recently got into my possession. During the spring I assembled a mild 383 stroker with my father as guidance, since him being a mechanic with 35+ years of...
  6. Rebuilding a 350 into a 383 stroker. Need help on pistons and deck clearance.

    I just tore down a Chevy 350 engine and I'm about to bring it to a machine shop to get cleaned up. I'm starting to make my 'wishlist' for the setup and configuration I want for the engine (pistons, heads, rods, intake, etc.). I am a little lost on what my starting point should be however. I...
  7. 383 stroker low vacuum

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi, I’ve bought 64 corvettes which has a 383 stroker engine. But I’m facing some problems when it comes to acceleration in "cruising mode" low rpm. I notice serious backfire, happening in the exhaust system and hesitations. Some initial data: - Engine chevy 383 stroker - Quick fuel carb...
  8. SBC 350 or 400 or 383?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a '58 Chevy Apache. Currently with a Small Block Chevy 350 all stock except Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold, a Holley 4160/1850-3 600cfm and HEI distributor with new plugs and wires. All this runs perfectly fine. My Father has a SBC 400, I can have if I rebuild (this may be a...
  9. Hot heads, cold block

    383 SBC 350 block 327 heads. cylinder heads are very hot. Block runs cool 170. If you drive thru a drive-in ...the poor person at the pass out window gets cooked! Are the 327 and 350 head gaskets different. Fuel mixture ok Ignition timing ok Will borrow a heat gun and take some measurements Got...
  10. 388 Truck update

    Hotrodding Basics
    Finally getting the engine back together. Slow process with the age and condition of my body, but it's getting there. Pics are showing the short block and some of the build. Short block has lightened crank, KB9914-.060 pistons. Zero deck. Pics kinda suck cuz I only had my phone with me.
  11. 400+hp 383 build

    Hey guys. Y'all probably get a lot of these, but I'm looking for tips on a 383 build that is both street able but I can still take it to the strip every now and then. Trying to keep it at a decent budget of between 2-2.5k. Yes it's not a whole lot but I know there's ways to make this work. It...
  12. Cam and Performance Heads vs 383 Stroker for SBC 350

    I have a bone stock 1980 vette with a SBC 350 and a 700R4 transmission. The car is slow as snow and i want to make it faster, but i dont want to piss off my wife and neighbors from the noise of a super loud engine. I have spoken to a local performance shop that said they could stroke the engine...
  13. Piston Damage

    Hello all.. I was tearing down the 383 I recently bought to see what pistons I am working with. I removed the iron heads to find they are dome pistons with no stamping or makings on them. With further investigation, I noticed the #3 piston looked damaged. I inspected the cylinder wall, and the...
  14. [Chevy] Advice on Supercharged 383

    I'll start by saying this- I'm a teen hot rodder, so I don't know everything! Alright, I own a 1978 Camaro, and I'm putting an Edelbrock Supercharged 383 motor in it this summer, and I need some advice on how to do my setup. (Where better to go than the Internet...) Alright, so I have these...
  15. 383 Horse Power?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 383 stroker and wondering what the power would be. from top to bottom. Holley 750, edelbrock performer eps intake, the corvette 882 heads with the large valves and port and polished and machined to I think 72cc chambers, the thinnest head gasket I think its .015, Bored 30 over with...
  16. 383 Cam Selection for Truck Use

    I have a 383 in my K2500 that's using TPI right now. Originally, I was going to turbo it, but I ended up having to buy another vehicle bc my daily died (13k+ out of pocket cash gone T_T). So instead I want to just carb it, and change out the small compu cam. I have been reading a bit on this...
  17. New Build - 350 or 383? Guidance and suggestions on different combos

    Okay, so I'm planning on putting in a new engine into my 90' camaro. I won't have a lot of time my way in a few weeks, so I'm looking to make it a bolt-on matchup kind of deal - where, I'm looking at short blocks, heads, and a cam/lifter set to put together and drop in. So, what I want out of...
  18. Exhaust help

    I have a 1979 Camaro with a 383, K1103 summit cam, 882 performance heads, 4 speed manual, long tube headers true duals( 2.25) with super 44s and turndowns. The exhaust is way to small. I was thinking 2 1/2 but want the 3" for the loudness and a 2 years down the road I want to turbo it. I was...
  19. sbc decode help

    I have a sbc 350 that's now a 383 and has been decked. Could someone help decode it? The front vin number (pass front) on the block is 192000564 then has a K08 20. The back is 3932388. I already looked up the 3932388 number but im curious on what it cam in and the options it had.
  20. 6-700hp 383 build suggestions

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey everyone, names Jack and im new to the V8 scene :) I live in New Zealand and we're quite into our performance cars, most of which are Japa's tho. Im planning on putting a 383 sbc into an RX7 and need some help with the top half of the engine. So far I have a 350 bored 30 thou, forged crank...