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390 fe

  1. 390 fe makes wierd noise on acceleration

    390 fe, hei dist with msd 6a, comp cams CCA-CL33-224-3, 2105 edel intake, holley 670 street avenger, fmx transmission. It was running fine, has been for a while. I noticed this weird noise that happens under hard acceleration, it came out of nowhere. It sounds like a whoosh of air and happens in...
  2. 390 fe with holley wont idle after driving hard

    Just after jetting up my 670 holley on my 390, I was driving it hard to see how it ran, and it ran great, then after coming to a stop, it barely idled anymore. Prior to it going bad, it idled with my msd box at 12 degrees at around 700rpm in park and it would drop to 500 in drive without ever...
  3. engine dies when going into gear and barely accelerates from idle

    Just rebuilt my 390 fe engine and it dies when going into drive, I have to feather the gas to keep it going. When it does idle, it barely accelerates from idle and it'll even pop through the carb until it gets some rpm and then it goes fine, it would drive like normal if I never came to a...
  4. white smoke through valve cover after rebuild

    I just rebuilt the 390fe in my torino after it had about 80k miles on it. It was my first time doing a complete rebuild, but everything went smoothly. Engine started fine, cam break in went fine, and it drives great and strong and sounds good. Problem is that it smokes a lot through the valve...
  5. Shifting Fmx Trans manually

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hello, everyone. I have a 1974 torino with a 390 fe and an fmx trans that originally had a 302 on it. I want to experiment with shifting it 1-2-d instead of keeping it in drive just to see if that works better for me. I have no idea the basics of how to do it, though. I'm too afraid of wrecking...