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  1. 390 fe makes wierd noise on acceleration

    390 fe, hei dist with msd 6a, comp cams CCA-CL33-224-3, 2105 edel intake, holley 670 street avenger, fmx transmission. It was running fine, has been for a while. I noticed this weird noise that happens under hard acceleration, it came out of nowhere. It sounds like a whoosh of air and happens in...
  2. 390 tuning, backfire through carb on heavy acceleration

    Hi, everyone. Please help me with tuning my 390 engine. My problem is that I get a backfire when I push the pedal down more than about half way at once. It'll backfire through the exhaust, but mostly the carburetor. I've messed around with it quite a bit with little progress. My setup is a basic...
  3. 3-speed Ford Overdrive Rebuild

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hey fellow Rodders. My daughter's 1961 Galaxie has an issue with the overdrive. I've checked all the electrical pieces and parts - so, I think those are working as spec'd. My question is - how expensive will it be for me to rebuild the overdrive portion of the 3-speed - ballpark - and, is...
  4. 390 Ford Engine

    I want to know if anyone can assist with informations regarding a 390 Ford Engine off a 1965 ford pickup. I'm interested in purchasing the 390 ford engine. These are the numbers I located on the intake manifold C5AE 9423 B and below these numbers there are other numbers 5J10:. In front of the...