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  1. 500+HP 396 Bench Build Help. Cam? Pistons?

    So I've Got this 1969 Camaro. It's a ready roller. All it needs is an engine/trans and shaft. It's a non power anything x11 car originally a banger so I don't feel bad about doing it wrong. Already has a 4.56 TruTrac 9 inch:rolleyes: under it and sub framers.. I've also got this carb to...
  2. SBC 392 or 396 fueling for economy advice please

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello hotrodding gurus, I'm looking for some advice and guidance on what to do about improving my SBC setup please. I acquired the car already modified, and the seller didn't have all the details about what had been done, as it was all done back in the early 1990s. What I have (some of this...