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  1. Hurst 4 speed Problems

    Transmission - Rearend
    Well after a long winters nap I took out the nova. First ride out I got on it and the shifter just decided to stop working. I did a hard shift into third and it would not catch third at all. So i pulled over and it got stuck between first and second quite a few times, neutral just felt weird and...
  2. chevy 3600 engine swap

    Hello. I am new to this and have a few questions about my current project. I have a 1952 chevy 3600 216 I6 with 4 speed manual. I would like to keep the stock engine however it has a cracked block so I recently purchased a 250 I6 out of a early 1970's c-10. My questions were in regards to...
  3. early Borg Warner T-10 Corvette?

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hi folks, I just picked up an all aluminum T-10 with a 7D case and a tail piece date code of 12/22/61. ON the main case next to the mid-plate (also aluminum) are the following numbers which I assume are VIN and build code. These are: S187225 and WM2913 (plant and date). Anyone know where I can...
  4. granny low way to low

    Transmission - Rearend
    ive got a ch465 or sm465 either way I love it in the mud but hate it on the pavement. Im wanting to change to either a auto or a 5 speed what do you guys think I should do? with suggestions of the tranny please
  5. Need Hurst shift lever #3712

    Transmission - Rearend
    hey, I am looking for a replacement Hurst shift lever for my Muncie 4 speed. Lever is approximately 10-1/2" long and #3712 I believe. The chrome on mine is sub par and I would like to replace with one in better condition. Threads need to be 3/8 - 16 to work with my shifter ball...