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  1. Engine
    I'm putting together a 406 for my 87 S10 Blazer, the engine came with 882 heads, these are known for cracking etc. What would be a good cast head to use or a lower cost aluminum head ? Mainly street use but will go to the track on occasion.
  2. Engine
    Recently built a 406 sbc. I ended up getting a nitrous kit for a song after I built it and am debating on whether the motor will hold up or not. I would re-gap the rings but my main concern is the stock crankshaft. Will it hold up or not. Its approx HP is 450 and ft lbs of trq. I-Beam push rods...
  3. Engine
    Now that my Pontiac 400 is all but finished I want to move onto my SBC 406 that is in my 51 Ford F-1 TRUCK. It has been sitting in my moms garage since I broke it in HS 20 years ago.Engine was really strong back then.It is a 030 400 flat tops simple 3 angle valve job iron head with performer...
  4. Engine
    Me and my son are building a mild street car from a 84 vette. We removed the old 350 and replaced it with a 400/406, it starts rite up and idle a little rough and when I step on it it seems to lose power? Here is a list of all that he and I have done 400sbc .30 over Summit cam (part# sum-1065)...
  5. Engine
    ok guys I need a little help. Its been a while since I have been in the game but am now getting back into it. I have a 91 firebird with a 406 small block that needs a little tlc since I have gotten the car back. it currently has a lunati 60105 cam but I am stepping down to a 60104. the specs are...
  6. Engine
    Hello everyone, I have a 72 Pontiac Ventura II 406 sbc .200 dome speed pro pistons,steel crank, 6.0 rods, solid roller lifters, dart iron eagle heads 230 runners 2.08 1.60 64cc. 1.5 rockers Holley 830 racing carb. 4.10 gears full spool 8.5 10 bolt 350 turbo 5500 stall. I thank that's all guys...
  7. Hotrodding Basics
    not sure how dumb this is but i saw this cam and was wondering has anyone every saw one like it or close an would it work in a 406 195 afr heads victor jr intake 850 demon turning 6000 max an what would the tq curve look like an where would it make its max pk tq its (240-254 100 icl 113 ecl...
  8. Hotrodding Basics
    i have a sbc looking to rebuild it to make a stroker motor but not a 377 what do i have to do? thanks for the help..
1-8 of 8 Results