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454 bbc rebuild
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  1. 454

    Good day, I'm looking at replacing the engine in my 74 nova. I reached out to a shop and they had just finished a rebuild on this 454. Now I'm fairly new when it comes to engine components and understand the jists of things. Just curious if someone has some more insight on whether or not this...
  2. Engine
    Alright so as some of you guys may know by now, I am plotting out a budget 454 twin turbo build. Now, I have decided on all the parts I need, minus heads, but that can wait for another discussion. What I need help on right now is the carburetor. I have basically boiled it down to two options...
  3. Engine
    So I'm relatively new to the whole engine building side of racing. I have my dad's 1974 454 BBC, he passed away last year so I'm trying to get it built on my own and with my uncles help. When he got it, I'm not sure how much he got it for but it came with 2 mismatched heads on it, 1 being an 049...
  4. Engine
    Hello everyone, and welcome to the engine inquisition! I come seeking information from all the Gurus here on I recently purchased a Gen V 454 engine from a 1991 RV. It has 51,000 miles on it and after pulling it apart, it looks like it was well maintained. I'm wanting to...
1-4 of 4 Results