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  1. Edelbrock for Turbo?

    Hey guys, I'm building a turbocharged 454. anybody know what a good intake for it will be? It's technically a street/strip kind of car, but I really just floor it every chance I get. My friends are telling me to get an edelbrock performer rpm. What do you guys think?
  2. How to protect motor

    Hey Y'all! Alright so I have a youtube channel and I want to start a series where I try to build a turbocharged 454 for as cheap as possible (where it counts). However, I also want to make sure that the engine stays in good shape no matter what I do to it, especially after I add the turbos...
  3. 454 hood clearance

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey Y'all Im putting together a twin turbocharged 454 build for my 1970 skylark. Now, obviously I'm super excited for this project, as my current 350 has only around 200 horsepower at the wheels TOPS (some idiot threw in a chevy 350 that was actually WEAKER than the stock Buick 350. go figure)...
  4. intake and heads for a turbo set up

    Hey y'all! So I'm building a 454 right now, gonna take her apart, put her back together, make sure shes in GOOD shape. I've decided I want to take advantage of the 454's low compression and go for a turbo build. now, I already realize I'm gonna need to gap the piston rings differently, build...
  5. Building my first motor!

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey Y'all! as you can tell from the title I'm getting ready to build my first motor from scratch. I've got the block and even better ive got my mechanic friend ready to check my work as I go. Now here's the hard part: learning what to buy. The block is a 70's era 454, pretty good shape. I...
  6. chevy 454 tuning issues

    Hotrodding Basics
    this might be lengthy but im aggravated and want to explain. I have a 1947 chevy truck with a 454 in it. ive had it for about two ywears and it was completed by someone else, it sat for about 10 years . I bought it. and ran great ! no issues. it was like a daily driver , I drove it all the...
  7. Big block el camino "dry-popping"

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a mildly built 468, w/long tube headers running a heavier cam & a q-jet carb. When I really stick it on the road, it will kind of bog down on me and pop-pop-pop-pop. (Its also open headers since its too low to run proper exhaust on right now) I reckon it's my fuel pump that's the problem...
  8. 63 Impala Build

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello Everyone. i have recently purchased a 63 Impala rolling chassis and have some pretty big questions for my new project car. now i have quite a few questions for this would be my first chevy project and my knowledge extends more in to the ford area. i have many years as a ford mechanic...
  9. Big Block hydraulic rollers problem

    I'm in the garage installing my hydraulic lifters and rollers and I noticed two of my lifters are angled weird. While the other lifters look like they're rolling parallel on the the camshaft lobes, two of them are rolling almost sideways at an angle. I didn't drop or damage anything. Is this a...
  10. 327 to a 454 in a 65' ELCO

    Hotrodding Basics
    :thumbup:I found a good used 454 that cranked up on a stand and saw it ran with my own eyes. Sounded as if it had an aftermarket cam: He claimed it did before we met, and I could see the stock intake had been replaced for a performer rpm, guy also claimed it had been bored .60 over This is my...
  11. Howdy

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone, i am new to this forum, i have been a gearhead my whole life but never tried the forum thing. now that i have taken my honbby from the novice category to the semi profesional stages i figure i should start documenting my toys. my car list goes on and on but here are some of my...
  12. Best Cam for Peanut Heads on 454

    Hello all you car gurus. I keep dreaming of building a Gen V 454 with a little pep above stock. I want make as much streetable HP as possible without spending a fortune. First, I'm looking to put in some pistons with 22 cc domes to try to get the compression ratio up to about 9.4:1. With the...
  13. Blower motor in z28

    Hotrodding Basics
    I currently have a 79 z28 Camaro that I have been drag racing a few years, now. It currently has a decent 355 in it right now. I am wanting to slowly build my dream blower motor and drop it in the Z when it is finished. My dream motor since I was young was to have a blower sticking out of the...
  14. 454 with coil over ignition and FI, rebuild questions

    Hotrodding Basics
    so, i bought a 26 foot uhaul truck, with a blown up 454 in it. 2000 c6000. i guess i figured it would be more simple to do this motor swap, but, its stressing me out. i have to leave this house in a month, scrape up my insane parents, and take them somewhere. its weighing heavy on me...
  15. 454 BBC 4x4 camshaft suggestions..

    Hotrodding Basics
    thanks for looking... 454, 2-piece oil seal, 9.5:1, 781 heads, mild port work under the valves, installed in 1965 scout, 4x4, 38 inch tires, 4 speed, 4:11 gearing, 750 vac holley, rpm airgap intake, 1.75 headers… Need cam choices. Leaning towards the comp 270h magnum camshaft. Any comments...
  16. 454 engine parts for boat application

    So Im a bit of a pirate, young and think I know everything but clearly no f all... I brought a boat with the intention of cruising the pacific ocean before the end of summer (I live in new zealand) but once I started looking at the overheating 454 in my boat my dreams have slowly been shattered...
  17. 454 disibutor

    hello, i have a 72 nova with 454 suburban engine, edelbrock 750 , performer intake, mild cam, headers. it has an old school unilite strobe distributor an i want to upgrade for an affordable price and it a drag car, any sugestions welcome thanks.
  18. BBC - Gap Between Intake and Heads

    I recently bought a used edelbrock torker 2 intake manifold for a 454 that I am building. When I went to install it, I noticed that the fitting seems off. The manifold appears to not cover a hole that appears to be a coolant port. Does this look normal or is something wrong? Thanks for the help!
  19. 454 starter rewiring

    Hey guys, have a 1959 chevy truck and put a 1980 454 in it. I was running an old points distributor and resistor so when I wired the starter I used both the s and r terminals on the solenoid. Converted to an MSD distributor and removed the resistor (left the starter wiring how it was with s and...
  20. '23 t

    Projects/Builds/My Ride
    I've finally decided to get my 23T project on the road. I started this in Aug of 2001. I didn't have the money, tools, or skills to build it quickly. Every couple years I get it out and do some work on it. My church is having a car show the day before my 40th birthday. They asked me to...