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  1. Works In Progress

    Works In Progress

    1970 F85 Saved from the crusher 350/350 12 Bolt Posi. Currently has a Olds 350, but found a 455 block, so might change to 455 and paint as a Hurst 442 Tribute car.
  2. buick 455 carb and manifold help

    hey im new to the site and also new to this 73 buick 455 engine rebuild i started a while back, but after all the part searching and modifications i had to go thru i am finally ready to set the timing and here her purr, i hope. the last few things i need help with is figuring the last few...
  3. Pontiac 389, 400 or 455?

    Don't know where to start with all this so I'll just start. I've got a 1950 Streamliner in desperate need of some more cubes. I'm looking for a solid Pontiac block to get started and am realizing the 455 I thought I'd use is becoming hard to find. They're out there, just pricey. I'm not in a...
  4. 1976 built Pontiac 455 pinging!

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have a 1970 cadillac with a 455 pontiac motor in it. stock short block & rotating assembly, large cam, high rise intake manifold ported and polished matching the ported and polished 6x heads, roller rockers, hei distributor, electric feul pump, demon 850 carb with no choke on it. currently...
  5. ? confused!

    General Rodding Tech
    i have a 72 olds 98 with a 455 olds rocket. going to replace the intake and carb with edlebrock parts. what would be the best cfm edlebrock carb to use on this stock engine? i was told to use a 600cfm on the stock engine but also told to use a 750cfm. confused now. also trying to find headers...
  6. Just bought a 1972 Skylark that needs tuning?

    Hotrodding Basics
    So i just bought this beautiful lark. I payed $3,000 for It. I'm about to turn 17 and this is basically my first car. The car is almost all original excluding the wheels and the interior has been redone. It has 79,000 original miles on it. Under the hood is a 350 with a 2bbl carb I believe to be...
  7. this could get ugly. pontiac/frankenstein

    Hotrodding Basics
    well, i just got a 69 t/a clone. previous owner claims the engine is a 70 455 h.o. and the casting numbers on the heads verifies that. the stamp on the front of the block says it's a 67 400 ram air block. edelbrock intake, holley carb. the engine needs to be pulled and gone through. he...