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  1. 496 build questions

    Sorry, looks like this will be a long post. Just trying to make sure I get all the info and thoughts out there. Some background info: Was going to do the LS 6.0 route, but came across a good deal on this. I like keeping some of the old school muscle with some new systems (with with EFI fuel...
  2. 496 Stroker bulid sheet

    Guys - I am new to the forum and I'm not too sure if this is the right place to ask for this information, so If I need to look elsewhere please let me know. I have worked on SBC but never built one from he ground up let alone bild a 496 Stroker from the ground up. So, I am looking for a solid...
  3. 454 build, supercharger questions

    Hey guys! For better or worse I'm moving from my 400sbc to a gen V 454 I plan to stoke to a 489(or there abouts). with my 400 I could afford aluminum heads off the back so I ran 9.3:1 compression with 10 pounds of boost on a intercooled centrifugal no problem. I don't have the casting...
  4. procomp connecting rods and cranks

    hey guys im looking for some info on these procomp products heres the rods Procomp Electronics 41253 Procomp 4340 ''H'' Beam Connecting Rods and heres the crank Procomp Electronics 4019 Procomp 4340 Steel Crankshafts id like to build a 496 over the winter and wanted to know if anyones built...
  5. Chevy 8.1L High Performance?

    I found a 2002 Chevy vortec 8.1L with trans and I want to throw it in my 57 Bel aire. I want to completely rework the engine and make some serious power with it. Think it's a good idea? I want the fuel injection and I'll probably supercharge or turbo the thing as well. Any clue on where to buy...