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  1. Engine
    i have a 468 cubic inch bbc with 6:71 blower going in a '55 chevy stepside. i was wondering if anyone could recommend any alternators. the smaller the better. I don't have much electronics i need to run, basically just lights. i've seen the shogun alternators which is really what i wanted but...
  2. side and back

    laneway shot2
  3. my truck

    read all about it at the old photo album. w/hood and mud tires. radioactive warheads, etc on side. take one tired 55/56 truck, put on a 79 4x4 frame, do a total 16 month restore of chassis and body, throw in some groovy goodies, like 4 wheel disc power brakes, shake well and serve over mud
1-3 of 3 Results