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  1. swap a vortec engine to a 5.7 TBI

    Modern Electronic Engines
    I have a 1995 350 5.7 TBI and I want to put it into a 1997 GMC 1500 Truck that had a Vortec engine. Will it be a compatible swap?
  2. T.B.I Vortec GM Performance Manifold

    I pulled a 5.7L out of 1998 suburban to have an engine with the Vortec head and am fitting it into my 1994 K5 Blazer using the GM Performance TBI Vortec Manifold. Anyone done this one? Do i need to ensure the bypass from manifold to water pump is installed? Any problems to watch out for?:sweat:
  3. Which Elgin cam is best for TBI Torque?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have seen a few Elgin cams mentioned here, If I can't put a GM roller cam/lifters in my 1995 Yukon 5.7 L05 TBI block, I am curious which one of the following three would be the best from idle to 3,000 RPM, (the zone I drive/tow with my Yukon) CAM# W/1.5 LIFT @.050 Opens Closes...
  4. 4.3 to a 5.7 swap

    Hey, i have a 94 gmc 1500 sierra that currently has a 4.3, my friend just removed his 5.7 from a 95 silverado i was wondering would i need his computer and wiring also to make it work? what else would i have to change? i know mounts are different, also i was looking to rebuild that 5.7 before...
  5. Words of wisdom 350 5.7?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello I recently purchased a 76 Custom Deluxe 10 for my son and it just isn't exactly my area of expertise. Just a few points I could use some opinions in. First off it has a newer 350 in it. I believe 5.7 from about 1985 or so. It has also been routed for a serpentine belt. It has edlebrock...