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  1. Body - Exterior
    I doing A 68 chevelle I'm looking for A deal on all interior,all crome,pretty much everything but the body( just finishing paint work) parts have to be top condition
  2. Time to be stored for the winter

    To hide from the moisture, we had a friend come down and tow the chevelle to aother friends garage (which was moistured sealed) because the front & rear windshields had not been reinstalled yet.
  3. Time to go home

    It still needs to go back to get a final buffing... a total of 8 clear coats where put onto the red, the black top will again be covered in vinyl.
  4. This was fun to sand by hand...

    ... But then laziness set in and that's why they created sand blasters.
  5. Stage 1

    It will be taken down to bare metal to receive proper body repair and ensure a good solid base of primer (the original primer underneith was not very well done)
  6. Off to the paint booth

    This chevelle was originally white with a black vinyl top. The red in this picture is it's second paint job (which was completely oxidized when purchased)
  7. 68 Chevelle, when it began in 2001

    It had a black vinyl top, but we stripped it to find out how much (if any) rust was underneith.
1-9 of 9 Results