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  1. Door panels

    Door panels are handsewn by me and are tweed and leather
  2. Rear seat area

    Extended rear area has speakers and hidden compartments and trimmed in vinyl and leather
  3. Front seat area

    Front seats are done in vinyl and leather. Center console houses power window and door lock controls.
  4. Overhead console

    Overhead console. Headliner is real brushed leather straight off the cow. The console houses all light switches.
  5. Mascot

    Airbrushed mascot for THE BEAST
  6. Namesake

    The name says it all
  7. Rear end view

    Rear split tailgate that I made from scrap. Also did the airbrushing and paint. Silenoid controled.
  8. 68 Dually Beast

    This is my Baby finally finished, the first time around anyway. 69 Extended cab, phantom dually low rider
  9. Humble beginnings

    This is where it all started
1-9 of 9 Results