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69 camaro
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  1. Engine
    Having starter issues on my 69 camaro, its a got a 350 L98 engine with long tube headers, AC unit replaced with VintageAir system. The #3 exhaust tube on the header sits right up on the starter solenoid causing it to overheat and jam until it cools down. no room to put in a heat shield or...
  2. building a custom

    familey detailing car ready to put togeather. 12 hours later was in trailer headed for salt lake first show of the year.
  3. Engine Yay

    Mocked up with the blasted but not repainted headers!
  4. Engine Perfection

    Nice eh? Internals were all good turned freely and pinston rings werent frozen. Put new gaskets and cleaned it out painted now looks sweet!
  5. July 2003

    Car just chillin outside for a bit :)
  6. Muncie M21

    Here is the muncie m21 we bought, still in the crate!

    yup just as the title says :)
  8. April 2003

    Engine about to be taken apart.
  9. March 2003

    Gas tank and everything back in. Rear end cover will be changed to chrome.
  10. February 2002

    Already primed and now painted. Whole underbody in semi gloss black, frame and firewall. Looks SWEET!
  11. November 2rd 2002

    Underbody fully sandblasted
  12. November 9th 2002

    Heres the car in the process of being sandblasted at this point the underbody was 50% done being blasted.
  13. October 10th 2002

    Here is the car with the front end removed. Firewall was covered in bondo 2 inches thick......
  14. Day 1 pic 3

    Here is the 1969 302 Crate Eninge that has been sitting in our garage since i was 2 :) It was bought as a short block and the bottom end is completly stock.
  15. Day 1 pic 2

    Here is another picture of my Camaro the 1st day i had it!
  16. Day #1 pic 1

    Here is a picture of my Camaro when it came home! Taken october 3rd 2002.
1-18 of 18 Results