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  1. I done pimped my ride.

    A year and a half later. I am really happy with it!
  2. Done deal, front view

    It's running strong.
  3. New interior

    Brand spankin' new, no more cow poop smell!
  4. Paint,finally.

    After paint (corvette yellow)
  5. Jammed and ready for paint

    Jammed,ready to go.
  6. Lookin real ugly

    Middle of the project, what a beast!
  7. Yanked the front clip

    The front end came off for a good clean and paint.
  8. 78 camaro interior (or lack of) before

    I pulled the interior to get the smell of cow poop out.Several rodents became homeless.
  9. stock project 78 Camaro

    Stock 78 camaro, AZ car, almost 0 rust
1-9 of 9 Results