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  1. 1996 LT1 into 1948 Chevy Truck

    Hotrodding Basics
    I am new to the forum. Just starting my first street rod. I am disassebling a 1996 Corvette and intend to use the engine, trans and suspension in my 1948 Chevy truck. What relays, modules, etc do I need to save from the Corvette? I know to save the ECU and the engine wiring harness.
  2. 1955.1/1970 C-10 Steering column Swap

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Trying to figure out what the best, most economical option for the steering column would be. I have a column out of a 1970 C-10(automatic) and it appears to be too long. Linkage looks like it will hit the valve cover. What has everybody else used for their AD Truck?