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  1. Engine
    I came across this explanation on the workings of vacuum advance on The"B Bodies Only" website. It's authored by "Revhendo" and I found it worth sharing. For those of you interested....... This was written by a former GM engineer as a response to a similar question on a Camaro board: As...
  2. Engine
    Now I´m baffled! Trying to get the 235 run better and just noticed something that I don´t understand. You know, there is this basic vacuum line that goes from carb to dizzy. When you rev the engine then the vacuum should suck air from that tube and pull the advance and the dizzy moves counter...
  3. Engine
    hey guys, I know a guy who said me and my dad should NOT run spark advance on a 350 with camelhump heads, is there any truth to this?? :nono: just wondering he said it causes spark knock on these old heads. thanks! all info is appeciated!!
  4. Hotrodding Basics
    I'm interested in just "checking" my timing mark on my 64 Chevy smallblock, do I still need to plug the distributor vacuum hose? I don't plan on adjusting at this time!
1-7 of 7 Results