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  1. 83' El Camino 383 Stroker Motor A/C

    General Rodding Tech
    Hey, name's Anthony. I recently bought an 83' el camino with a 383 stroker motor in it. Has a small cam and i believe hydraulic pistons. My uncle is getting it running for me. Engine was running but no exhaust. Put the exhaust on and rewired the whole engine, deleted the computer (it got wet) &...
  2. Ebay ALERT if you need a replacement A/C Condenser

    General Rodding Tech
    Just had an experience with two vendors of replacement A/C condensers, both of them in Miami. For what it's worth, I found that an OEM condenser out of a '93-'98 Jeep Wrangler fits perfectly in my '49 Ford Coupe. For whatever reason (trinary switch failure) it blew out...not violently, but a...
  3. a/c choice for 48 Fleetline

    Trying to decide on an a/c unit for my 48 Fleetline project.Probably go with Vintage Air but wondering if anyone here has installed one of their units in a car of this vintage.VA doesn't list this car in their easy fit packages,not sure which series would fit (and perform) best.Anyone?