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  1. Ford 3G Alternator Output

    I have a 3G alternator from a '94 F-150. Is there any way to tell what the amperage output is? I know there were two and possibly three sizes.
  2. Matching Ammeter to Alternator

    I'm going to run a 3G alternator that came from a '94 F-150 in my '67 Fairlane. I'm not sure what the amperage rating is but likely 130 amps. If anyone knows how to tell the amperage I'd appreciate knowing. My questions is compatibility of this 130 (?) amp alternator and an old Stewart Warner...
  3. Major Start-up Squeal

    Hello, i have a 1986 chevy K10 that squeals a lot when i start her up. i think that its related to the belt that goes from the crank to the water pump to the alternator. there is only about 1/4 of the water pump pully touching the belt. could this be that reason for the squeal? the first...
  4. Alternator & Battery Problems

    So, I have had a frustrating problem for the last couple of years. In summary, it's an 87 Monte Carlo SS, 383 stroker, with a 105 amp alternator. I'll get a brand new Optima battery, the car will start once or twice and the battery is dead/fried and has to be replaced under warranty. So the...
  5. NON-Stock Alternator Fit

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi all. I am working on a 1988 Jaguar XJSC V12. I am relocating the alternator from under the engine to the center of the V between the heads where my A/C unit once sat. Was hoping someone might be able to kick me in the right direction based on my criteria. * Needs to be a V mount alternator...
  6. 92 dodge dakota converted to carb alternator help

    i converted my 92 dakota to carbureted and have everything set up i have driven it and everything is fine, except for the alternator will not charge the battery and the alternator itself is good, the problem is that it is ran through the computer and i need your help on how i can set it up to...
  7. alternators???

    i have a 468 cubic inch bbc with 6:71 blower going in a '55 chevy stepside. i was wondering if anyone could recommend any alternators. the smaller the better. I don't have much electronics i need to run, basically just lights. i've seen the shogun alternators which is really what i wanted but...
  8. Voltage fluctuation is stumping me

    Here is what is going on: Voltage will (sometimes) hold at 13.8-14V on a 3 wire alt (140 amp) chevrolet 350 setup. As soon as the headlights come on, you see a voltage drop of .5-1 V, the compressor for air ride, another 1-2 V and so on. I also see a voltage drop with an increase in engine rpm...