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  1. Engine
    These gibson stainless headers run hotter then hells kitchen on my ALUMINUM HEADS. So, im trying to get everyone's opinion on header bolt choice and gasket. Let me know what ya all are running and how its holding up for you. Thanks for saving me time and wasted money!!:welcome:
  2. Engine
    Hello everyone, I have a 1982 GMC S-15 that has a bored out small block chevy 350 (so roughly a 355), equipped with forged pistons, ARP hardware, isky cam 9.4:1 comp., chrome molley pushrods, isky lifters, hi volume oil pump. It has never been dyno'ed but I'm guessing it has about 370hp. Right...
  3. Engine
    Hello Rod Buddies. Well, here is my first post. I want to see if this is possible on hot motor build sbc 4" bore. Plan on running 480 lift solid cam and 110 petro and 3600-4200 stahl. Would like to use L98 aluminum heads (10088113) on my sbc with Wiseco dome pistons. .035 mls gasket and 3"...
1-3 of 3 Results