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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello All, I am happy to join the HotRodders Forum thank you for having me! :welcome: I wanted to start an interesting thread for a different type of car the AMC Marlin 66 232. Let me start by saying I love this thing! Fell in love with it from the first second, I saw it. Well here is my...
  2. Hot Rod Art
    Here's a combined post of two AMC wagons in 2-door versions. '66 AMC American '58 AMC Rambler "What if.." Thanks for looking! ;)
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello My brother and I just recently finished building my 1970 AMC Gremlin. He's the car expert so he basically built it for me and I helped so I could learn to do it on my own. My brother built it enough to drive and have a little fun with it. I am looking into putting a new engine in it. I...
  4. 63 American

    This is a pic of my old Rambler American. Mild custom, warmed over 195.6 OHV engine, about 170 hp. Can't do much with the old long stroke six! I sold it in 98 to a fellow that drove it from Georgia to Oregon. He took this pic. The mirrors on the fenders came from Japan (I was stationed at Okinawa, J
  5. Wreck!

    Heres a photo of the wrecked car. A 9x Nissan Exterra slammed into it at about 45 mph. ***** "didn't see it". 7:30 am, no other car for 1/4 mile, and it's bright freaking blue!! Not looking, obviously. Insurance paid off $9,000 after I complained to the state insurance commision. They firs
  6. The one before flames..

    This is the car I built in 1998. I put a 4.0L in first, then built a 4.6L a year later. Car was wrecked in summer of 2002 (next photo). This is the same car as the flamed one, same body type anyway, but everyone says flamed one is 100% better. Only outward difference is the flames and wheels. These
  7. Finished Rear View

    Here's a rear view of the finished car. This car had no backup lights, just snap in covers in the bumper. I put a spare set of front turn signals in and wired them as rear turn signals. Front and rear bumpers are the same stamping, just different bolt hole locations (so they can't be easily swapped)
  8. Finished car

    The finished car. The flames really set it off! The Weld Draglite wheels were a necessity -- the only ones I could get with enough offset for the Jag axle -- 5" offset on 7" wheels. Didn't have to narrow the Jag, and the wheel pattern is both 5x4.5 and 5x4.75 on the wheels. AMC uses 5x4.5,
  9. Engine

    This is the 4.6L in-line six. This photo is from my previous car, new car has same engine but compartment is correctly (for AMCs) painted body color, not black. Basically it is a 1989 Jeep 4.0L with a 1974 258 (4.2L) crankshaft and rods. The 4.0 has a larger bore than a 258, the 258 a longer stroke
  10. Jag axle in car

    Here's the axle in the car. Man does it look (and ride and handle) good!! Just like it belongs. I had to raise the tranny mount to get the driveshaft angle right.
  11. Jag axle ready to install

    Did I mention the Jaguar rear axle? It came from an 86 XJ6. Got the core for $100, needed new bearing in the outer housing on one side, so replaced bearings in both sides. Also replaced all seals, brake rotors, and one caliper (other received a kit). Then I had to replace the gears -- standard was 2
  12. What I started with..

    This is the car as it was when I first got it. Pretty solid, just a "little" surface rust and a couple small places in the underhood area that all AMCs suffer from. The tailgate had enough leaves and crap in it from a rotted rear window seal that the bottom of it was rusted out, but the do
1-12 of 12 Results