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  1. Transmission - Rearend
    Hi All, About a year ago I asked for some help regarding the 4L60e in my '94 Chevy 1500. I have been having issues with getting it to shift into 4th. At times, it prefers to bog between 3rd and 4th. I replaced the TPS, along with the temperature sensors and they seemed to have helped the...
  2. Transmission - Rearend
    I've been trying to read up on what all it would take to convert my automatic 69 Camaro to a manual 6 speed and there's almost too much information on the internet on the subject to draw a final conclusion. I have 70's 454 Big Block engine I'm hoping to get around 600hp at the flywheel. The...
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    So I actually have a 76 Omega, and am looking to convert it to a manual, if I can get out of it for pretty cheap. It is my first project car, and am not really looking to have to fabricate a taller/wider tunnel. So, I was wondering what trans I could throw in there, and have the factory tunnel...
  4. Transmission - Rearend
    Does anyone know what Ford automatic transmission will bolt up to a 300 inline six? (non FI ) :confused: [email protected]
  5. Transmission - Rearend
    The transmission in my S10 (700r4) recently failed, and i decided to keep the truck and swap in a v8 i built, currently the truck is 4 wheel drive, i have removed all the drive train, and i plan to swap in my v8 with a saganaw 4 speed and just leave it 2 wheel drive, but the clutch is what i...
1-5 of 5 Results