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  1. Hot Rod Art
    I finally picked up a nice sketchbook with brown craft paper, its one of my favorite types of paper to sketch on. Just a quick pen/marker sketch. Enjoy!
  2. Hot Rod Art
    Had A chance to hitch a ride to Lincoln Nebraska in a 1949 Hudson convertible . I herd that Three different makes of cars would be in town . I sent most of my time with the H.E.T. club good bunch of Folks and a lot of nice rides. One of the pictures I drew was a 1953 hudson super jet . The...
  3. Hot Rod Art
    I'm working on a project for a friend but i seam to have lost my ability to lay out flames. Back story: A friend of mine is both a bartender and a VFF. She USED to have a bottle opener similar to the "Flames Pattern - V-Rod Bottle Opener" that can be found online.... That is until the night...
  4. Hot Rod Art
    Hey guys, I've had a few problems with my computer lately...for some reasons my proxys were off, I fixed it today!!!!! Here is a drawing i did for a fellow that bought this car when he came home from Vietnam in 69.
  5. Hot Rod Art
    The Fab Four the Beatles started a hole new era in the 1960s. Before they came over the pond the Boob Tube sported shows like the all American family like the Cleavers in leave it to Beaver. Also there was the broken family with the no mom image My three Sons...In the early 60s the beach shows...
  6. Hot Rod Art
    I was surfing the Internet for some pictures of hot rods and found this amazing artist drawing a rat rod pin-up: Here is the blog post where I found this rat rod pin-up. I really think it's cool and I love music in the video. What do you think, guys?
  7. Hot Rod Art
    I drew this for a friend of mine. Took me close to 40 hours. 11x14 paper was used. All pencil. 1955 Ford
  8. Hot Rod Art
    Arrowhead I like your 33 rod. I launched a Roth of your ride to keep my pencil in practice.
  9. Hot Rod Art
    Hey guys, hows it going for everyone? I hope well...... the winter blues is in full bloom in Mo, Blahhhhh! I finished this a few days ago, almost finished.. i thought i would share it.
  10. Hot Rod Art
    Hi guys, Just wanted to show you some of my car drawings. Please come and see: Hope you like them Any comments are welcome
1-10 of 10 Results