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  1. Hotrodders' Lounge
    I have went to this show a few times as a spectator being I haven't had a interesting car on the road in years. As soon as I got my Rambler I planned on going, it sat for two years before I got her running but finally made it yesterday. I don't mind telling you, I was tired, after a hard weeks...
  2. Hotrodders' Lounge
    They're doing this on a few other forums so i thought i should start it on here. Heres how the game goes: I'll start with the first challenge (ex. Your car on a bridge), then whoever posts the first picture of their car doing the challenge gets to pick the next challenge. Rules: 1. No illegal...
  3. Hot Rod Art
    Here are a couple shots I took of Tom McEwin's Funny Car basking in the Famaso sun.
  4. Hot Rod Art
    three links
  5. Hotrodders' Lounge
    I am thinking there needs to be a "come on man" thread dedicated to showcase the oddest most ridiculous rides (OK so beauty is in the eye of the beholder),,,, This baby cost more than 300K to build and is a vette with possibly the ugliest body style attached,,,come on man!
  6. Hot Rod Art
    Gday Fellow Rodhotters! This is my first post. Thank you to for the chance to display my photos, Also thank you to everybody that cast's an eye over the photos. I have a passion for Aussie cars and Yank Tanks or "American Cars!!. A Buick Riveria would be my favourite cars at the...
  7. Hotrodders' Lounge
    In the evening I got out to the IHRA Nitro Jam. This is a showcase event, which featured more actual sportsman competition on Friday... but I went for the final extravaganza on Saturday evening. The finale was as much about entertainment, as it was for competition. Still a good show, with...
  8. Hot Rod Art
    Just a few pics of the newest member of the fleet. She needs a full restoration for now she gets driven as she sits. She's got a flathead inline 6 with a one bbl carb and a 3 speed on the floor with one of those pedal start systems. I think she's purty
  9. Hotrodders' Lounge
    We are not necessarly talking favorite engine, we are talking favorite photo of an engine (or engines in my case). Try to make it a full frame photo of JUST the engine if you can, that is what this is all about. :D I have no idea what sparked me to start this thread but I thought it may be fun...
  10. Hot Rod Art
    Hey guys I've been away for awhile so I figured I'd better check in and post a couple of neat pics of the Hoodlum. Credit my daughter for the decent pics, we rode around trying to find a cool spot for the background and the old Ellis General Store worked for us. Check em out :cool: Scot
  11. Hotrodding Basics
    After browsing trhough the classifieds section I woud like the provide the following suggestions in order that hotroadders will be able to take better pictures of their hot rods, parts or any thing they would like to sell. 1- Take the pictures of your car body using a camera with flash outside...
  12. Hot Rod Art
    Hi All, I snapped the picture below completely by accident this morning, and really liked the way it came out. I wasn't able to find an appropriate thread where I could post a random shot like this, so I thought I'd start one. Constructive feedback and criticism welcome and very much...
  13. Hot Rod Art
    Hi All, I do some photography at the track when I get the chance. Thought I 'd start posting here and get some feedback. I'm posting one to start off. This was taken in May of this year at the Auto Club Speedway. The driver put on quite the burn out show when he saw the camera. All...
  14. Hot Rod Art
    I do some amateur photography. Took these shots last year. Thought I'd share 'em with the rest of the auto art community here. Comments and constructive criticism welcome and much appreciated. :thumbup:
  15. Hot Rod Art
    I'm undecided about rolling with a Rear Bumper or with a Roll Pan. Got some pics of your baby's *****???? (bumpers or pans) Let's see 'em! :D
1-15 of 15 Results