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  1. Engine
    Brand new rebuilt 383 SBC carbureted. Brawler carb with vacuum secondaries and electric choke. The engine was starting and running great on the engine dyno a couple weeks ago. Engine is now installed in the car but will barely start or run. Back firing out the carb like crazy when trying to...
  2. Engine
    So I've recently been fixing up my old 1980 caprice with a 1973 gen 1 350. So i have been doing a little tune up. Put some R44T spark plugs and changed the spark plug wires and replaced the coil on my distributor. My problem is i finally connected the exhaust to the engine and i go to start it...
  3. Engine
    I recently decided to put together a sbc I had laying around. I used a lightly used crate short block and put 2.02 heads on it. Cant get it to run and I am getting the loudest backfires I have ever heard! Ive checked my ignition timing and firing order on my hei distributor numerous times and...
1-3 of 3 Results