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  1. SBC wont start. Sputters and pops through carb.

    So Ive searched and searched and read so much I'm going crazy so i figured I'd just post. So here is my setup, 350, vortec heads #062 casting with 2.02/1.60 valves, dual plane intake, holley 750, HEI ignition (Summit Racing brand) cam is a hydraulic roller on the high side of mild, new plugs...
  2. 2 year problem popping

    68 camaro 402 yes I ran the numbers. 30 over some crazy 500 inch lift cam. Last year popping at 4,000 rpm. new every thing dist,cap,rotor,plugs hah, wires for headers. All I could find was some ngk. yea popping at 4,000. Got new ac delco Iwill get the number. O yea she's back the car pulled up...
  3. Backfire under load

    Ok, here are all the details i can give and all I've done so far. I have a 1948 sedan delivery in my shop right now that backfires under load but not in park or neutral. It happens between the 1800-2500 rpm range. Engine specifics are: 355 at aprox 10 to 1. comp 12-210-2 cam/ .454 lift 268...
  4. TDC on a 348

    I have my distr; set on TDC.......To rough start it. just make it run.Which way must the distri; cap be turned?It back fires thru the carb if you turn the distri clockwise but won't hit at all if you turn it ccw, i will get TDC again then .you please tell me which way i should turn this thing...