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  1. Electrical
    Okay I have a 01 Ford ranger with the 3.0 in it. I have possible battery, bad ground, or other issues. It started with the battery being dead. Couldn’t jump it with cables, just wasn’t enough to crank it over. Got a new battery, didn’t fix the issue. Got a new alternator and bench tested it...
  2. Electrical
    I had always heard that Optima Red Top batteries for one of the best. the first one I bought died a little over a year after I bought it and Summit was kind enough to send me another one. I had always heard that Optima red top batteries were one of the best. Now it has been a little over three...
  3. Electrical
    So, I have had a frustrating problem for the last couple of years. In summary, it's an 87 Monte Carlo SS, 383 stroker, with a 105 amp alternator. I'll get a brand new Optima battery, the car will start once or twice and the battery is dead/fried and has to be replaced under warranty. So the...
  4. Electrical
    So my 74 chevy wont start. i ran out of gas and when i put more gas in with a jerry can, i went to start it and the starter churned over a couple of very slow times and smoke came up from the starter and the battery. Now it wont start. Ive had this happen before with an old starter and i just...
  5. Electrical
    My battery continues to fail. Something is pulling on the battery. Mechanic removed the accessory fuse but nothing works. Haven't driven car in months. We know that it may be electrical. Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.
  6. Electrical
    have have 69 gmc with a 350 and a red top optima i was wondering what gauge wire i should use for the battery i didnt know if the better battery or any would need different gauge the battery will be under the hood
  7. General Rodding Tech
    In the process of doing a 32 Tudor street rod and was wondering what guys were doing for battery location on these cars? It was on the firewall, but I am smoothing it out. Under the rear seat is too small. Seems like the only place wil; be on the frame on the pass side. Any input would be great.
  8. Electrical
    Hey!....Can anybody steer me to a list that shows (estimated) amp draws for the components and accessories on our cars? I'm gonna add an electric fuel pump, later on an electric cooling fan....who knows what else. I'm trying to decide which alternator would be best for my Buick GS. I suppose I...
  9. Electrical
    need to find the smallest battery to fit under my seat but have power to start it. basic t-bucket with no other options like radio or anything else. was told a good lawnmower battery is all i need.
  10. Electrical
    Recommend a small, lightweight battery! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building a closed cab A pickup w/383 SBC, lights & horn. I don't want to mount it under the floor....suggestions please!
  11. Electrical
    "I work part time driving for our local NAPA store....We have a skid of old batteries which are traded in for new ones.....I was in the shop one day and there was an old guy there sorting through the old batteries with a volt meter....I asked him what he was doing....He said he is getting old...
  12. Electrical
    My son has a hydraulic pump setup in his vehicle that we're playing with, It has a 36 volt battery plant. I built up a trickle charger that has an output current of 2 amps x 38 vt. My question is how do you know when they are fully charged?. I remember in the old hygrometer days but these are...
  13. Electrical
    HI I've been working all winter converting my car from a 4 cyl stick to 350-350 everythings done except wiring which I'm working on now. The battery the car has is small 9x3x8 and only 495 cca. I'm wondering if that is enough for my new setup? The battery is under the trunk floor and the box...
1-13 of 16 Results