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  1. Big Block Chevy bolt up intake to heads

    Will this intake work with these heads? (Once I install the gasket of course) It seems that I have a wrong intake, but I don't know of chevrolet big blocks using different intakes due to the egr port. Also, note that the intake does not have bolt holes between the intake runners. Seems that I...
  2. 496 build questions

    Sorry, looks like this will be a long post. Just trying to make sure I get all the info and thoughts out there. Some background info: Was going to do the LS 6.0 route, but came across a good deal on this. I like keeping some of the old school muscle with some new systems (with with EFI fuel...
  3. Exhaust recommendation for 454 BBC?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Im currently running open longtube headers. I've got a big lumpy cam and its earth shakingly loud, too the point where im setting off car alarms when I drive by some high-end vehicles. I'd like it to be a little quieter while still sounding throaty and testosterone filled. I don't mind the loud...
  4. Rear End Ratio for Tremec 6 speed with BBC

    Transmission - Rearend
    I'm just curious to what rear end ratio's other Hot Rodder's are using with a Tremec 6 speed. Matched with a BBC red- lining at 5500 rpm's. Wanting to know where your Top end speed is with which rear end ratio. I have a 300 rear end and I will probably be changing to something more for the...
  5. BBC 049 & 781 Heads

    So I have 1 049 Head and 1 781 head that came off my dads 454, those were on there when he bought the motor he just never got the chance to work on it. I know these heads are relatively similar, so would they be ok to run on this motor for racing or should I try to find a matching 049 or 781...
  6. Looking for OLD School Mechanical advice

    My 84 K20 has a 502 BBC, it ran strong then started dying at stops. It got so much worse it doesn't even run now. I changed all tune up componets, even put a brand new distributor on, same thing. I assumed it was the fuel injection so I took it off and put on a Demon 850 carb. STILL, same thing...
  7. Fuel Pump (BBC) for a Quadrajet

    Looking for advice on a manual fuel pump with a PSI low enough for the quadrajet. Previously had a AC DELCO 40727, 7.5-9psi was far too high for the QJet. Input? *Relevant info Truck: 1969 K10 (Manual) Engine: 1977 (Mark IV) 454 Carburetor: 1973 R4-4MV Rochester Quadrajet
  8. 1965 Elco big block swap

    Hotrodding Basics
    I bought an old el camino when I was 19 a few years back that had been modified with a hurst ratcher shifter and a built 327 from the factory 3 on the tree 6 cyl. Its a rad car one of the owners before me even welded in a 55 chevy dash:thumbup: I would like to know if anyone here has...
  9. Headers for 1995 C1500 454 engine

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some information concerning the purchase of headers for a 1995 GMC C1500 RWD pickup truck that I'm putting a rebuilt 454 into. I can find headers for the BBC that goes into the Chevrolet 454 SS but they're expensive. Can anyone tell me if the headers for a...
  10. 1991 Gen 5 454 Intake Fitting Problem

    Hello everyone i have 91 454 big block casting numbers 10114182 I have already bought two different kinds of edlebrock intakes both where too small i called them up they said they didn't make intakes for those blocks So my question is does anyone know Of one that will fit i want a carbureted...
  11. 327 to a 454 in a 65' ELCO

    Hotrodding Basics
    :thumbup:I found a good used 454 that cranked up on a stand and saw it ran with my own eyes. Sounded as if it had an aftermarket cam: He claimed it did before we met, and I could see the stock intake had been replaced for a performer rpm, guy also claimed it had been bored .60 over This is my...
  12. Thoughts on my 1st Build? 427

    Hotrodding Basics
    I've been teasing at the idea of building up a 427 after a friend mentioned he has a block laying around. I have done a quite a bit of research, and decided if I do begin this build, I going all out. This will be my 1st 427 BBC build, I am still a teenager and newish to engine rebuilds. Please...
  13. Mark 6 bbc head question

    Hi guys, first post here. I have a mark 6 454 bbc laying around in the garage and had an idea of maybe running forced induction (turbo or roots blower havent decided) around 8psi on it but the heads have really small exhaust ports and recessed chambers it has flat top pistons which ill swap for...
  14. BBC - Gap Between Intake and Heads

    I recently bought a used edelbrock torker 2 intake manifold for a 454 that I am building. When I went to install it, I noticed that the fitting seems off. The manifold appears to not cover a hole that appears to be a coolant port. Does this look normal or is something wrong? Thanks for the help!
  15. 454 starter rewiring

    Hey guys, have a 1959 chevy truck and put a 1980 454 in it. I was running an old points distributor and resistor so when I wired the starter I used both the s and r terminals on the solenoid. Converted to an MSD distributor and removed the resistor (left the starter wiring how it was with s and...
  16. 454 build, supercharger questions

    Hey guys! For better or worse I'm moving from my 400sbc to a gen V 454 I plan to stoke to a 489(or there abouts). with my 400 I could afford aluminum heads off the back so I ran 9.3:1 compression with 10 pounds of boost on a intercooled centrifugal no problem. I don't have the casting...
  17. '23 t

    Projects/Builds/My Ride
    I've finally decided to get my 23T project on the road. I started this in Aug of 2001. I didn't have the money, tools, or skills to build it quickly. Every couple years I get it out and do some work on it. My church is having a car show the day before my 40th birthday. They asked me to...
  18. 454 cam selection

    hey all, so ive done alot of reading on this forum and there seems to be a wealth of engine builders around. I recently picked up a 77 chevy c20 with a 454 and TH400 3.73 rear gears. Here is the wall ive hit now im trying to sart my cam selection since I have the rest of the mods figured out...
  19. Help with 454 build

    Hotrodding Basics
    I really need help. I'm trying to build a 454 engine for my 79 Camaro. The crank in the 454 is bad so i have to replace it but wanted to add a better cam and things like that while i had it apart. I've never built a engine before so all this is new to me. Any suggestions would be really helpful...
  20. bbc_ft1