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  1. BBC Oiling Questions

    I'm laid up, recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and I'm thinking about an oiling issue I was dealing with before that happened. I know I need to do some diagnostics, but until I can walk I'm stuck bench wrenching. The motor is a 509 Gen VI BBC, Edelbrock RPM oval port heads, comp solid...
  2. BB Chevrolet Engines: Ideal Years/Applications For Cheap Drag Racing Swaps

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, I have an '84 Camaro that was being set up by the previous owner for drag racing. I am considering dropping in a 454 and an appropriate transmission out of a junkyard or on Craigslist for cheap thrills. The car presently has a Powerglide transmission. Factory-stock engine should be just...