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big block chevy

  1. Big Block Chevy bolt up intake to heads

    Will this intake work with these heads? (Once I install the gasket of course) It seems that I have a wrong intake, but I don't know of chevrolet big blocks using different intakes due to the egr port. Also, note that the intake does not have bolt holes between the intake runners. Seems that I...
  2. How to protect motor

    Hey Y'all! Alright so I have a youtube channel and I want to start a series where I try to build a turbocharged 454 for as cheap as possible (where it counts). However, I also want to make sure that the engine stays in good shape no matter what I do to it, especially after I add the turbos...
  3. 496 build questions

    Sorry, looks like this will be a long post. Just trying to make sure I get all the info and thoughts out there. Some background info: Was going to do the LS 6.0 route, but came across a good deal on this. I like keeping some of the old school muscle with some new systems (with with EFI fuel...
  4. BBC Engine Novice

    So I have a 1974 454 BBC that I'm putting in a 1958 Chevy Apache. I'm throwing some brand new rebuilt 781 heads and a 572 Lunati Cam in it. It's going to be for racing purposes of course and when racing run of 110 race gas and if daily driven off of normal 91 octane pump gas, but I was just...
  5. BBC Mark4 looking for flywheel

    Transmission - Rearend
    I recently purchased a bbc from a builder that came with a flexplate, I have a 4 speed that I plan on putting on it but i'm having issues finding the right flywheel. The block casting code is 14015445, 4 bolt main. From what I've been told and found on the block; it has a one piece rear main...
  6. Rebuilding a 454

    I plan on rebuilding a 454 big block. I've been all over ebay looking for a bare block. The cheapest block are Mercruiser 454. Reading a few post on the web about converting marine to street can happen if certain parts are changed. You can't believe everything you read on the internet. I was...
  7. 396/402 information needed

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey, i'm about to get my first truck, a 1970 Custom Camper c20, and it has a 396/402 that has a rebuilt and tuned rochester quadrajet, what appears to be an Edelbrock dual plane intake, port and polished heads and dual turbo thrush exhaust. I plan on getting these headers Summit Racing® Headers...
  8. 427 Header Issues

    I'm building a 67 Chevelle with a 427. I've got full length Hooker Headers on it and I am having some clearance issues with the spark plug wires. I've tried shorter plugs, different angled wires and I still seem to be having a issue with the cylinder 6 plug wire. At best I've got maybe 1/16"...
  9. 427 intake manifold?

    I have a 1969 435 HP 427 big block and I recently put cam that works to 7200 rpm. My original intake manifold gets best operation at 5800. Should I change to a different intake manifold to get more out of my engine? My original intake part number is 3933163. Any help with this is appreciated.
  10. Help decoding BBC engine codes

    I recently purchased a chevy 454. I have cleaned it up and found every number on the block but having a hard time decoding them. Front Center above timing cover T0928FBH Tonawanda, Ny - Sept. 28 Cannot figure out what the FBH means Front Passenger beneath cylinder head...
  11. BB Chevrolet Engines: Ideal Years/Applications For Cheap Drag Racing Swaps

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, I have an '84 Camaro that was being set up by the previous owner for drag racing. I am considering dropping in a 454 and an appropriate transmission out of a junkyard or on Craigslist for cheap thrills. The car presently has a Powerglide transmission. Factory-stock engine should be just...