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  1. 10 year old Paint has cracked on seams, hood, can use seam sealer to help suport it ?

    Hello to all body experts. ...I bought a very old custom fat fender (work done in 1952 ) car 11 years ago that had a 2 year old paint job at the time, car body look good...My problem now is over the past years I drive about 400 miles a year, the paint has cracked on the areas where the rear...
  2. Fixing a "buckle" in a TR6 front fender

    Body - Exterior
    Hi guys, My 1972 Triumph TR6 was involved in a minor accident before i purchased it - i noticed that the driver's side fender has a slight buckle at the front of the fender, by the headlight bucket. there are also other dings around the headlight opening. My question is, has anyone out there...