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brand recommendations

  1. mig welder

    Garage - Tools
    Gentlemen, I am interested in buying a mig welder. I have 120 and 240 VAC in my shop. I do not see any heavy duty welding, just some sheet and frame welding on my 56 F100 project. What are your recommendations for manufacture and model. thank you
  2. 180 Mig welder...Miller or Lincoln ?

    Garage - Tools
    I posted a thread here last week about a Craftsman mig welder I borrowed from a guy. Hadn't been used in 10 years, couldn't get a spark till fixing the ground cable, then no gauges and THEN it totally quit a few days later. So I went looking at welders today, the models I was looking at were the...
  3. chicago electric mig welder

    Garage - Tools
    i was wondering if anyone has tried a chicago electric mig welder? any complaints?