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  1. Engine
    Looking for help in a few things for a first build. Hoping for 350 hp and a flat torque curve of 350 or more if possible with a static cr of 9.0-9.5 on cali 91 pump gas working below 6k rpm (5500 is possible). I have a free set of vortec heads that need a good cleanup and valve job that ill be...
  2. General Rodding Tech
    built a car for Friday night drag racing. my question is this, What is the best (economical) way to stage the car and do warm up burn outs for this type of racing. The car is a 76 Nova, 455 stage 1 motor, 700r4 tranny, and a Camaro 4:11 posi rear. Would appreciate any advice from old school and...
1-2 of 2 Results