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  1. Engine
    Hello all, I want to stroke a 289 Studebaker motor if I can find info to do it. if not, new pistons is needed to raise CR, Stnd bore is 3.562'' or 90.5mm, stroke now is 3.625'', stnd. CR is 8.25. Performance cams not many if out there.. Its a solid type factory cam now with gear drive, yes gear...
  2. Engine
    ok here we go ive recently bought a 84 corvette. its got the crossfire junk injection on it and the little bowtie heads as well . the guy I bought it from says the engine has just been professionally rebuilt with trw flat top pistons stock bore and new rings and bearings . I'm not a fan of GM...
  3. Engine
    Hello.. I have a 355 small block chevy that I built way back in 1991-2 . it was built with the good stuff.(well as good as a kid with a low wage job could). lunati crank , oliver rods, trw floating pin pistons, comp 292 cam and roads lifters, brodix trackI heads, bowtie single plane intake...
1-3 of 4 Results