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  1. Body - Exterior
    Hi, I'm working on my first respray project... I need some custom mixed paint- any recommendations? I live in the middle of nowhere so will need to order on the net. I found this website... Custom Car Paint and Industrial Paint Suppliers - Anyone used them before? They seem pretty good...
  2. Engine
    My 1974 Ford Torino 302 2 door runs rough then dies. I have tried replacing the fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter and air filter, Spark plug wires and spark plugs, vacuum valve on the transmission, all vacuum lines, complete distributor, timing chain, rebuilt carb, coil, solenoid, and more. I am...
  3. Hot Rod Art
    '57 DeSoto edited into a 2-seater. Chop.. Orig.. Thanks for looking! :)
  4. Hot Rod Art
    SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013 (ST. LOUIS, MO) Formed in 1968, the Rustic Auto Club has been providing utopia for automotive enthusiasts. A multi make and year club that has evolved into over 40 actuve members, that welcomes all who have interest in anything automotive. Club members have recently returned...
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    Im thinking of buying a 1979 Trans am with a 403 SBO as of right now its been sitting up for 10 years and was driven to the spot it sits at the body doesnt have too much rust Ill upload some pictures. Its one of the T/As with a towing package and i have no idea what the rear end gears are. Would...
  6. Hotrodding Basics
    Well I just recently got a 3.8 liter engine. Would it be able to handle nitrous and how much do you think it could take? I want the maximum.
  7. Pounce

    Just a slick roadster I drew :)
  8. BubbleboardConcept

    My concept for a different kinda car, its accually safer than normal cars if you think about it. The cabin is a bubble in the middle of the chassis board.
  9. Car

1-9 of 16 Results