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carb tuning

  1. Can you get a 600 cfm to run like a 650 or 750 run like 650 im lookin for a 650!!

    Hotrodding Basics
    Im looking to run a 650 edelbrock but having a hell of a time finding one at a decent used price. So, in the meantime, **********.......... is it possible to change some rods, jets and springs to get a 750 to run like a 650 or a 600 to run like a 650??????? Im more less referring to...
  2. I need to richen the idle-Rochester 2G

    Helping a buddy dial-in his 3 x 2 setup on his A. Got the WOT and cruise dialed in but the idle is a little lean (19.5 AFR+/-), pops and dies when cold, still lean at idle when warm. Idle mixture screws about to fall out. Headers glow when cold!! I know what to do with a Holley but not a...
  3. Performer AFB Carb

    Hello i am doing a carb swap on my 454 with a performer intake and headers. My 600 cfm edelbrock doesn't like being pushed and starts to cut out on hills and when i step on it. I do not know how long the afb has sat but what should I do to prepare it or to check before I put it on the motor...
  4. searching for an idle problem fix

    Hotrodding Basics
    im almost done swapping v8 into s10. 1983 305 been told a different cam in it, not sure though, quadra jet carb 1980 and manifold, turbo 350. this motor an tranny where in another s10 fired, ran, idled, even drove it onto a trailer so it has worked 3months ago. now back together and cant get...