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  1. Upholstered lids

    Lids upholstered and complete. Just a couple minor details yet to add. The "fit" turned out nearly perfect. Did have some bubbling of the upholstery along the edge where the front and back lids meet.
  2. awaiting upholstery

    Finished liner in place - awaiting upholstery to be installed on the lids. Note: the "void" between the top of tailgate and bottom of lid will be filled with an edging piece to be upholstered and attached separately.
  3. rear lid removed

    Bed liner installed in truck showing rear lid removed.
  4. front lid channel

    Note metal "U" channel mounted on each side of bed liner near top and front. Matching channel on front lid slides into this channel and holds it in place.
  5. Front lid

    Bottom view of front lid showing metal "U" channel which slide along matchin "U" channel on sides of bed liner and holds the lid down.
  6. front lid

    Installing "U" channel. Also note wood stop along front edge of lid which butts against top edge of liner front.
  7. rear lid top view

    Top view of rear lid showing "T" handle which activates latches.
  8. "T" handle

    Close up of "T" handle and activating mechanism. These are standard Stanley garage door parts.
  9. rear lid

    Bottom of rear lid showing latch activation set up. Note gray "storm door" type latch at top of picture, bead chain to "T" handle mechanism. Chain is routed through plastic tube running in a chase cut into the bottom of cover board.
  10. rear lid latches

    Bottor of rear lid showing both latches. Note front of lid will have a tab installed to slide under rear of front lid - thus holding front of rear lid in place.
  11. rear lid

    Plastic tubing inserted in chase cut into wood cover board and bead chain shown at right.
  12. Liner in bed

    Liner slid in place - shown with tailgate removed.
  13. Carpet completed

    Bottom of bed liner showing completed installation of carpet and rubber edging/bumpers.
  14. gluing down carpet

    Rolling pin used to smooth any bubbles while glueing down carpet. Used PB Outdoor Carpet Adhesive.
  15. edging/bumper

    This is shape of carpet edging/bumper. Sorry about bad focus.
  16. basic box

    basic liner box, bottom = 1/2" oak veneer ply, sides and lids = 3/4" oak venner. All surfaces have minimum 2 coats exterior grade polyurethane
1-18 of 18 Results