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  1. Hotrodding Basics
    Im currently running open longtube headers. I've got a big lumpy cam and its earth shakingly loud, too the point where im setting off car alarms when I drive by some high-end vehicles. I'd like it to be a little quieter while still sounding throaty and testosterone filled. I don't mind the loud...
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    Hello all, It looks like my transmission is on its last leg here and taking its sweet time shifting into a higher gear+only at high RPMs. A rebuild is mandatory, but I've gotten a decent run from it after it was recycled from my old 327 SBC. I figured, while I had the tranny out for rebuild...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    Hi: I am a 67 Chevelle owner and have a non stock Chevy SB motor. Can anyone decipher the code found on the passenger side front of the block? The code is K0806CKR. I think it's a 350. There is also a code 722100581 above the first code. Thanks so much.
  4. Transmission - Rearend
    I headed for Reno, NV two weeks ago on business in my 1965 Chevelle. I built this car 20 years ago and cruise it weekly so I took the same route to Reno that I did last year. The 700r4 trans has always worked fine behind a Vortec-head 350 engine with cam, headers, 650 Holley carb. As I got...
  5. IMG_00581

    1968 Chevelle
  6. IMG_00623

    1968 Chevelle
  7. IMG_00673

    1968 Chevelle
  8. 65 chevelle 300 deluxe

    In the beginning
  9. 65 chevelle 300 deluxe

    In the beginning
  10. 65 chevelle 300 deluxe

    In the beginning
  11. Hotrodding Basics
    Im looking to Restore a 71 Chevelle or Nova and i got a 1993 LT chevy 350 block, i want to make it a good drive able show off car but also able to take to the drag way or even hit the quarter mile,i was wondering before i put anything in it should i be going domed or flatt top pistons?, and what...
  12. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Thinking of getting another car , owned 5 mustangs in the past from 14-10 sec , the only 2 Chevy cars I like seem to be the fat back 70-72 nova and chevelle or split bumper Camaro . Is there and advantages to either one , I know there similar but don't know a lot Thanks
  13. Hotrodding Basics
    so my buddy's heavy Chevy Chevelle has the vin 134371L144211 and the block has the number 3970010 on the back by the bell housing. Is there anyway this could be the stock motor? Any help would be great!
  14. Frame and body

    Frame after blasting and sealing. Old paint and bondo being removed.
1-14 of 14 Results