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chevy 350

  1. Raised SBC Engine Mounts

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi Guys, Anyone know where I can get some raised engine mounts for a 1986 SBC, 350/5.7. 3 Hole bolt pattern to the block. I need to raise the engine about 2 inches higher than what the standard pedalstyle mounts allow due to blower pulley clearance.
  2. intake manifold not fitting

    Can any tell me why this intake not fitting properly. It's procomp I bought it few months ago just got around to install it. Motor chevy 355 heads are chevy 14011034-2 casting, stage 3 head work. I had 3 other intakes on this motor. I never had this happen. With felpro 1205 intake sits low...
  3. After market turbo charger

    I am planning to buy an after market Dianan 335i turbocharger for my 1970 Buick Skylark. Would this turbocharger be compatible with a 350.4 Chevy Small Block? Are these Turbochargers good? What would I need to make it fit a 350?
  4. sbc backfire thru carb - stalled and now wont start

    Good morning. I have an old bread truck that I converted into a party bus, last summer I swapped the motor (an 82) for and 84 SBC. I was told that the motor came from a hot rod but that it was put back to stock or me. I bought the motor for $500, and then paid a friend friend of a friend of a...
  5. Tranny struggles

    Transmission - Rearend
    I have a 76 Chevy Elcamino w/ a 350 small block and a 350 turbo trans. rebuilt engine... car struggles in reverse and stalls. help please
  6. Chevy 350-383 Stroker build questions.

    Is 10.5 compression ratio going to be to much? Vortex heads, 111 lobe, big cam (haven't decided which one), flat tops, on 91 EFI in Az. Thanks for your help. I'm sure I missed some specs, so let me know.
  7. Struggling With Engine consistency

    My 1987 TBI swapped carb 3/4 ton 350 truck has been running into issues. It started missing badly, so I replaced spark plugs and wires, cap and rotor, then after total loss of spark i replaced ignition module and ignition coil (note HEI distributor), which gained spark back. So I continued to...
  8. TBI to Carb

    Since I was 8 (around the farm) I have been driving the same 1987 Chevrolet v20. Now I am 18 and It is beginning to require work. The previous owner swapped it from TBI to a 1406 carb, but I know more than that needed to be changed, rerouted, and "tricked" in order to make it run right with a...
  9. No power from sbc?

    Well okay guys, something just isnt right with my chevy 350, It just dosnt have the power it needs, and it randomly backfires but very randomly and not often. i have a 570 cfm carb on it and it dosnt even want to accept the secondaries opening even though it should be too small of a carb (it...
  10. Engine knocking and black exhaust

    I own a 1974 chevy sbc 350 and a couple months ago my brother drove my truck home from work and said when he went to start it, a bunch of black smoke came out of the exhaust pipes and i could hear the knocking when he pulled up. knocking both in gear and at idle. He shut it off and started it...
  11. No brake pressure

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    The brakes on my 74 chevy k20 have 0 brake pressure. Im sure air got into the lines and ill have to bleed the brakes but where could the leak be? This problem didn't develop over a period of time. My dad borrowed my truck one day and said he had no brakes at all. I drove it and there is no...
  12. SBC chevy 350 starter

    So my 1974 350 chevy has had really bad luck with starters. Remanufactured, brand new from 2 different stores. They seem like none fit right on the truck. Currently the starter will turn over very slowly if the truck has been recently running. Cold start, it starts up right away. then i drive...
  13. 1994 Chevy 1500 - Engine Struggles to Start After Tune Up

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi All, :welcome: I have a '94 Chevy 1500 with a 350 that has 319k miles. I recently did a full tune up, which included replacing the spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor and ignition coil. I did notice that the plugs that were in the truck were different than what I purchased as replacements...
  14. 10243880 Casting

    Looking for original Specs in technical information on the fallowing casting number and partial engine id Casting Number :10243880 Engine ID: 1M0823 8P04. the fallowing is what I've come up with (not sure if accurate) It's a Small Block Chevy block built in Mexico somewhere near August (or...
  15. head gasket replacement

    i just replaced the blown head gaskets on my sbc 350. i set the valves(i think correctly) and its having trouble starting. I primed the carb and it turns over very rough and runs very very hard for 2 seconds and dies. Im not sure if thats due to incorrect valve set or the distributor. i hope im...
  16. valve adjustments

    After just replacing my head gaskets, been stumped on setting the valves on my sbc 350. I cant get the truck to start and i went to double check the valves. When i turn the engine to get TDC 1, i feel that there's no compression on cylinder 1 and i have no clue why. I dont know if its just the...
  17. valve adjustments

    I recently changed my head gaskets so i obviously i had to relieve the tension from the push rods on the rocker valves. No im stuck with resetting them to the correct positions. Ive looked online for the sequences but every time i think i set it correctly and try to start it, the engine turns...
  18. Unbalanced piston compression

    so my 74 chevy pickup has been bogging down when it gets up to around 40 mph and sometimes it wont even go past 10 mph. did a compression test,(v8 engine) and on the dry tests, the pistons produced around 120-130 psi. Pistons 3 and 5 produced 105 and 110. From what i read, it could be a blown...
  19. chevy 350 swap

    Hi all, so I have a 72 buick skylark with a buick 350, and a th350 trans. I want to drop a chevy 350 into it, and I'm looking to get an accurate idea as to what this swap will look like. I have read some posts that say it is an easy swap, that the chevy350 fits right in and bolts up to the th350...
  20. vaccuum advance issue

    My chevy 350 has been driving like its out of gas for the past week. At first it would get up to around 65 mph and start to sputter. Now it wont go faster than 15 mph. When doing some trouble shooting, i disconnected the vaccuum advance from the carburetor and there was no change in rpm at all...