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chevy small block

  1. Engine
    Ok, I’m in desperate need of help. The past year I’ve been slowly building a 350 for my 1982 c10. The 350 came out of an 87, so it has a 1 piece rear main, and I’m having trouble coming up with how to bolt the new 350 to my transmission. (Th-350c) My main issue is the fact That the 2pc rear...
  2. Engine
    Hi, I have a chevy small block 350 out of a 75 Camaro. Everything is stock on the engine. I believe they are hydraulic lifters in the engine. When i tighten the rockers till the pushrods don't move then go another 1/4-1/2 turn, they seem fine and tight. But after i go through them all, they...
  3. 350 / 300 hp

    350 / 300 hp

    New GM 350 crate motor. Edelebrock Performer RPM : carb, intake ( high rise ), and cam kit ( .510 lift ) headers, exhaust, TH-350 tranny : B&M shift kit and 2500 stall, 3.73 limited slip rear-end.