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  1. Engine
    Just bought a Chevy small block 4 bolt main. I have a general idea what I want to do with it, but I was wondering if someone had a more rad idea. What would you guys do? When in doubt always turn to the internet.
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    Hey guys, Fossil (Steve) here, new to the group and starting a project and have a question. I got away from rods years ago and have been dealing with vintage motorcycles as my hobby ever since. However, I have just picked up a '59 Chevy Apache truck and am getting started on it. As usually...
  3. Electrical
    2000 Chevy K2500(obs) with 350 vortec. Installed new long block from AutoZone. When turning over the starter just clicks hard and constantly, but still turns over the engine slowly. When jumping starter relay from signal wire coming from ignition to the starter it turns over perfectly. Changing...
  4. Engine
    im 17 building my first motor im in canada dont wanna order wrong from states, i dont know alot please help best you can 79 k20 truck motor (3970010).41 gasket, stock deck height??? original heads are 462624, i got 68 vette heads 3917291 that are milled .30 thou and im wondering how big can i go...
  5. Engine
    Hey guys, I'm always collecting parts for projects I'm working on or projects I have on the list for someday. In this case, I'm talking about both. I started on a 350 SBC for my pickup a while back and have been trying to figure out what parts I need before I get everything ordered. I had...
  6. IMG_0701.JPG

    Unboxing the LT4.
  7. Hotrodding Basics
    This is the beginning of my first B-body restore. I have a load of questions that I suspect over the next few months Ill be asking from this community. Im 32 and have always been good to cars. being poor helped me learn how to take car and restore beaters that no one wanted. I have worked my...
  8. Engine
    Hi everyone, I have a 1968 C50 with a 366 ID in it. I am looking to find out if the firing order is the basic Chevy big block firing order. Or if it is different due to the crank spinning clock wise and the cam spinning counter clockwise. Two gears. Nothing inbetween on the front of the block...
1-20 of 282 Results