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  1. 1947 Fargo pickup truck

    1947 Fargo pickup truck

    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada - Sunday July 10th : 1947 Fargo pickup truck leaving Centennial Park & heading home from the 2016 Atlantic Nationals. Camera: Nikon D7000 & Nikkor 18-105mm lens ISO 360, 75mm, f/8.0, 1/200
  2. 2001 chrysler lhs trans

    Transmission - Rearend
    Okay So I have this 2001 chrysler LHS v6. When I was driving I was on my way to an auto parts store and there parking lot has a really steep dip before going into it. So I turn my wheel and try to slowly pull into the parking lot. When I get to the dip and it is time for my car to climb the dip...
  3. My 49 Chrysler royal coupe any one know this car?

    Projects/Builds/My Ride
    Seen posts of this car from 2008 and looking for the previous owner user name paddyboyy, if anyone knows this person or any history about the car I really want to know its past. Please see my pics of my car it's set up to public, hope I get some feedback on it. Thanks. :D
  4. I need some help for a Father's Day gift.

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I need some help please! I want to order my husband airbags for his car for Father's Day without him knowing but I don't know exactly what he needs. He has a 1948 Chrysler New Yorker, he has already lowered the back end but wants to lower the front end with airbags, can someone please let me...
  5. "Hot Detroit Rumor: Chrysler to Replace Dodge Challenger with a Barracuda!"

    Hotrodders' Lounge
    Just a rumor for now... "Hot Detroit Rumor: Chrysler to Replace Dodge Challenger with a Barracuda!"
  6. The Throwback Corner

    Hotrodders' Lounge
    So, I happened to be flipping through a recent issue of "Cars" magazine (June 1966) and ran across something I thought might interest some of the forum members. (See image below). The issue also covers John Smysers 850 ci, 2400 horsepower, 2-engine Toronado, a preview of what was once known as...