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  1. Driver door separation

    On something completely different, the paint on both the driver's and passenger's doors is starting to separate along a crooked line. You would almost think the car had been "keyed", but the line is not as smooth and straight as it would have to be for this to happen. It's happening near
  2. Top of right fender

    The top of the fender is starting to bubble. If the roof is an indicator, then the bubbling will rapidly increase from this point.
  3. Below Passenger Rear Window

    The horizontal surfaces below the windows are bubbling like crazy.
  4. Passenger Side of Roof

    The bubbles on the passenger side are smaller, but are becoming more numerous.
  5. Roof on Driver's Side

    This is the top of the roof on the driver's side of the car. The bubbles start as small dots and just keep getting bigger as the clear coat peels off.
1-5 of 5 Results