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  1. Paint
    Hi I have sprayed 2k hs clear Coat on my tractor roughly about 4 months ago and I can still leave a finger mark in it. It was sprayed in about 10 Celsius and I left it in the sun last week all week in 25 Celsius heat but is still not hard can anyone help me fix this thanks
  2. Body - Exterior
    First of all, I'm not an experienced paint guy but I want the '67 Fairlane I'm doing now to look good inside of 20 ft. The body work is pretty good and the car is straight. It's base coat/clear coat and I've sanded the clear with 1000, 1500 and 2000. I have 3000 paper but I'm wondering if...
  3. Body - Exterior
    I'm wanting to preserve the look of my truck and clear over the old single stage paint it has now. The paint is thin and oxidized. My question is how do I prep the single stage for the clear? All help is appreciated thanks.
  4. Hotrodding Basics
    My wheel have been primed and painted with Duplicolor silver. My question is can i now shoot Nason 496-00 clear coat over them after the seven-day drying period is over. In other words are the two products compatible. I believe the Nason is polyurethane and the Duplicolor is acrylic lacquer...
1-4 of 4 Results