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  1. Engine
    87' SBC gen 1 block with vortec heads looking for suggestions for intake manifold. Budget friendly
  2. Engine
    Is 10.5 compression ratio going to be to much? Vortex heads, 111 lobe, big cam (haven't decided which one), flat tops, on 91 EFI in Az. Thanks for your help. I'm sure I missed some specs, so let me know.
  3. Engine
    I just tore down a Chevy 350 engine and I'm about to bring it to a machine shop to get cleaned up. I'm starting to make my 'wishlist' for the setup and configuration I want for the engine (pistons, heads, rods, intake, etc.). I am a little lost on what my starting point should be however. I...
1-3 of 3 Results